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Microblading Bolton

Micro blading is the application of the same technique used in semi permanent cosmetics treatment only using a manual hand tool. The procedure involves the drawing of mineral pigment into the skin to create natural hair strokes. The process comprises of a consultation and patch test , the first microblade treatment followed by a second microblade treatment to complete the end result. Microblading lasts 8-15 months depending on the clients skin type and skin care.

The first part of the process is a consultation. The consultation is a discussion of the brow look that you are looking to achieve along with professional advice on the most suited and achievable shape. Brows are drawn and measured prior the treatment so clients can see and agree to the shape before microblading takes place. Pigments are applied to the skin and matched to the clients skin tone. A skin test is included along with questions and answers.

Using the highest quality disposable microblade hand tool and natural mineral brow pigments, precision hair strokes are drawn in the skin in the direction that brow hairs naturally grow. The treatment is comfortably with a slight scratchy sensation experienced. You new brows will wear ultra natural looking and with a new beautiful shape. For the first 4-5 days after treatments the hair strokes will appear 40% – 50% darker and then lighten to your chosen brow pigment.

The second session is necessary to complete all micro- pigmentation treatments. This is had 6-12 weeks post the first microblade treatment. This treatment fine tunes and enhances the hair strokes and pigment colour. As the brows heal in the first session some hair strokes heal in the skin a little patchy which is completely normal and expected, every skin type heals differently. The treatment is not complete unless this treatment is had.
This treatment is had 8-15 months after your last treatment. As your skin renews itself daily, brow pigment and shape slowly fades and softens. A colour boost replaces the lost brow pigment colour and shape and the brow appears renewed.

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