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Plasma Pen Bolton

Plasma Pen is the latest outstanding non surgical face and body lift device that has long lasting skin tightening benefits. This Plasma Pen technology is the third generation of plasma and made in Germany. This treatment is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery and without the risks that other cosmetic procedures can produce.

The Plasma Pen treatment is performed by highly trained specialised practitioners, qualified nurses and doctors.

As the plasma probe reaches the distance of two millimetres to the skin a tiny plasma flash is produced. This action creates sublimation of the skin, causing the skin to shrink and retract back. Plasma is a single non continuous flash of energy to the skins surface to ensure a safe and effective treatment. If the probe becomes too close to the skin it will cut out. Hundredths of controlled micro dots or plasma shower can be produced, areas vary in size.

Once the flash of energy has taken place, the skin floods with new plasma and collagen. This continues over the next few days and weeks as rejuvenation and repair within in the skin takes place.

A soothing cream is applied before the treatment commences, this brings comfort to the skin. The treatment is pleasant, a warm sensation may be experienced.

A tinted healing balm will be applied at the end of the treatment and later provided for use throughout the healing period at home.

Visible results are seen immediately, the final results are seen seven to eight weeks after treatment. Through this healing period, the skin will undergo various changes, clients are encouraged to be patient and allow the changes to take place.

More than one session is required for more dramatic results. Once the desired look has been achieved, results will last up to five years.

The Plasma Pen probes are designed to produce super fine micro dots to the skin, other devices produce up to two millimetre dots. These super fine flashes of current are aimed to produce outstanding results with (MED) minimum effective dose required to create an outcome.

After treatment, the skin may feel warm and some redness is to be expected. Swelling can occur for two to three days after treatment. This varies person to person and may be longer. As the micro dots heal, the dots will dry out and appear darker. They will drop off between four to seven days. In some rare cases, this can take up to two weeks, sometimes longer.

The new revealed skin beneath the micro dots may appear pink, thin and dryer until rejuvenation has fully taken place. Post treatment products support and promote healing at this time. Clients must use the pre and post treatment creams and the clinic strength Spf cream provided. These products help condition and nourish the skin as well as inhibit the production of pigmentation. These products also promote healing within the skin to promote the best treatment outcomes.

Prices, discounts and treatment information provided on consultation.

Offer – 2 areas – limited offer – £330
Jowls – £250
Smile Lines – £250
Cheeks – £350
Eye Bags – £250
Eye Lids – £250
Crows Feet – £200
Mouth Lines – £225
Neck – £350
Scar tissue – £250

Tummy £350
Hands £200
Upper Arm £350

Tag Removal – single -£50
Tag Removal – multiple – from £100


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