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Semi Permanent makeup Bolton

Semi Permanent Make Up is the infusion of mineral pigment into the skin using a digital low frequency facial micro-pigmentation machine, unlike body tattoo machines which operate at a higher frequency.

Using the highest quality disposable cartridges and natural mineral brow pigments, precision strokes or shading techniques are used to create either natural hair strokes and ombré, eyeliner or lip liner with blush.

The treatment process comprises of a consultation and patch test and 2 treatment sessions to complete the treatment result.

For the first 4-5 days after treatment your enhancement will appear 40% – 50% darker and then lighten to the chosen colour.

Results last many years, maintenance sessions are advised annually to boost the colour and shape. Client skin type and skin care routines can affect treatment outcomes.

The treatment is comfortable, a scratchy vibration sensation is experienced.

Hair Strokes : £170
Ombré : £180
Lip Liner with small blush : £180
Lip Liner with full blush : £220
Eye Liner Natural Top or Bottom : £150
Eye Liner Natural Top and Bottom : £180
Eye Liner Thick Line – extra : £25

These prices include 2 sessions and can be paid in 2 instalments.

* Semi Permanent Micro pigmentation is a two part treatment with 6-12 weeks between each sessions

Colour Boosts
8 months : £75
12 months : £90
15 months : £150

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