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Hot Waxing Bolton

Hot wax removes unwanted body hair and used mostly for sensitive areas such at the bikini or face. It is a more comfortably method of waxing and a much more preferred wax system as a result.

Compared to strip waxing, hot wax melts to a thicker consistency, removes even the most stubborn short hairs and does not stick to the skin. As a result the treatment is more comfortable. As it sets it grips onto the hair, it’s flexible texture removes the hair without any breakage.
This product removes unwanted hair on the face and body of smaller areas.
Skin types vary, the skin may become pink after treatment for a short while. Exfoliation and moisturising inbetween body treatments will discourage ingrown hairs.
Results last upto six weeks.
Brows – £10
Upper lip – £5
Chin – £5
Face wax – £15
Bikini – £15
Brazilian bikini – £20
Hollywood bikini – £25
Underarm – £15
Full leg – £20 strip wax method
Half leg – £15 strip wax method

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